For over 50 years, GRM Custom Products has worked with engineers, steel fabricators, and contractors to provide solutions on a wide variety of construction projects for these industries:

Oil & Gas – Pipelines, Slug Catchers, Refineries, and Crackers.

Water Treatment – Chemical Fill Boxes, Baffle Walls, and Pump Tables.

Buildings – Stadiums, Parking Garages, Educational Facilities, and High-Rise Structures.

Zoos & Recreation – Animal Enclosures, Maintenance Access, and Decorative Installations.

Industrial – Skidways, Conveyors, Autoclaves, and Smelters.

Architectural – Stairs, Rail Fences, and Gates.

Power – Nuclear Reactors, Baghouses, Duct Systems, and Solar Troughs.

Civil – Military / Government Buildings, Water Treatment Plants, Pedestrian / Highway Bridges, and Dams.

Here is a quick look at our two product lines; please explore each one to see how our products and services can help your vision become reality.


Overview – GRM Custom Products works with engineers, fabricators, and contractors to provide solutions on a wide variety of construction projects.  We are happy to share our experience and product expertise.

Slide Plates – Any design needing movement, isolation or stress relief can benefit from the addition of GRM Slide Plates.

Bearing Pads – Typically used when vibration or rotation is expected at the connection.


Overview – We are the leading provider of custom-fabricated fiberglass structural solutions with over 40 years of industry experience.

Structural Solutions – We source only the highest quality raw materials from leading manufacturers. Our fabrication staff is trained in techniques that meet or exceed industry accepted standards.

Isolation and Wear Pads – We have options for thermal, friction and electrical isolation of connections.

We are the exclusive fabricator of Fluorogold® Slide Plates in North America.

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